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Friday, July 21st @ 5:45pm

Choice Not Chance was formed in 2007 by Trevor Johnsen, Cole Beadle and Matt Vincent.

Trevor and Cole had been playing together for a few years in different cover bands but decided to start something doing originals. After writing a few songs it was time to look for a drummer and Matt joined the group.

After writing a dozen songs together it was time to start gigging. After utilizing a couple different guest guitar players they realized they needed someone permanent. Matt knew a guitar player that was interested in doing some writing and playing some shows so Cody Perrotta joined in 2011.

Choice Not Chance pride themselves on being an original band with a rock sound and some serious punk undertones. Musical influences range from The Foo Fighters to Social Distortion.

Choice Not Chance relaunched in August 2016 with a new Facebook page and 3 new singles on iTunes, Spotify and I Heart Radio. They were spotlighted as the Alberta band of the week on Rock 97.7 and landed the opening slots with bands such as The Lazys and Motor League at Better Then Fred’s. They have developed a loyal fan base who often refer to them as CNC at live shows, following them as far as Edmonton AB to watch them perform.

Choice Not Chance is pumped to see what the future brings.



Friday, July 21st @ 6.45pm

About Casi Joy Casi Joy is a powerhouse country singer/songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri. Casi (pronounced "KAS-ee”) has been performing since the age of 5 and has had a wide range of success in several genres. At the young age of 10, she began singing in the Midwest Opry Circuit and was picked up by Radio Disney three years later. She sang in the Disney girl group The Commotions until she began at the School of Rock as a 15-year-old.

Casi stayed in rock music for several years, and recorded an album with world renouned producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, Skid Row, etc.). However, after moving to Music City on New Year’s Day 2015, she’s come belting back into the country scene, cracking open the heavy door that stands between aspiring artists and industry recognition. This vibrant songbird has opened for Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Craig Morgan, Chris Cagle, Montgomery Gentry, Jerrod Niemann, LOCASH, Josh Thompson, Dustin Lynch, Chaka Khan, Arcade Fire, The Baha Men and more. She also regularly sings the National Anthem for the KC Royals, (ALCS Game 6 W/ Clay Walker), KC Chiefs, KU and Sporting KC. The fiery redhead composes her own songs, incorporates her dance background into her stage performances and plays the guitar and piano. 

Casi has also become a viral internet sensation with her cover of "Jackson" by Johnny Cash and June Carter. The video garnered over 10 million views in just a week's time, and the numbers have yet to plateau. After the success of "Jackson" Casi released another Johnny and June cover, which is currently at 4.1 million views. 

Not only does the vocalist use music and writing for her own personal therapy and enjoyment, she is very avid about using music to help children and animals. Casi has performed at several charity functions including Craig Morgan's foundation for foster children, Autism Speaks, Pediatric Cancer Research, Northland Animal Welfare, American Cancer Society, Suicide Prevention and more. Casi has always had a love for children and education and has a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. She worked as a music teacher for the School of Rock for 7 years, teaching voice, piano and guitar.

She has continued to use her music for admirable, positive and respectable causes, teaching free music lessons to a special needs class in her hometown of Smithville, MO. She also recently released an original song about her late dog Ashbi, in which ALL proceeds are going to KC Pet Project. Casi continues to stay involved in charity organizations in the field of education such as Craig Morgan's charity foundation for foster children, Golden Globe Charities for pediatric cancer and Autism Speaks. Casi recently made more noise in Nashville with the excitement and release of her debut EP “Love on Repeat.” Her EP is a direct reflection of her beautiful smile and her beautiful soul. The singer/songwriter recorded her EP in Nashville at Sound Stage Studios (Ronnie’s Place) with Grammy nominated engineer/producer Jim Lightman ("I Hope You Dance" by Leann Womack, India Arie, NKOTB and more). Her prestigious studio band included Matchbox 20’s Kyle Cook on guitar, Rich Redmond on drums (Jason Aldean), Pat Buchanan on guitar (Kenny Chesney), Lee Hendricks on bass (Eric Church) and more. Look for Casi Joy’s self-written EP on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and more.




Friday, July 21st @ 8:15pm




Finger Eleven has been creating award-winning music for 19 years, making them one of Canada’s most recognized and celebrated rock bands.

Composed of four extremely talented musicians, Finger Eleven’s discography includes five albums;

Tip (1998)

The Greyest of Blue Skies (2000)

Finger Eleven (2003)

Them Vs. You Vs. Me (2007)

Life Turns Electric (2010).

They have held top spots on radio charts across North America and continue to create award-winning music, proving that their staying power is not to be questioned. 








Friday, July 21st @ 10:15pm


Rock and roll should make you want to do a few things. Let Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson explain.

“It should make you want to drive fast, fuck, and dance,” he grins.

On their seventh full-length album, Rock ‘n’ Roll [F-Bomb Records/Caroline], the Los Angeles quintet—Josh Todd [vocals], Nelson, Stevie D. [guitar], Xavier Muriel [drums], and Kelly LeMieux [bass]—staunchly uphold the commandments of rock music with an arsenal of new anthems primed to explode on impact and teeming with riotous energy, sexy swagger, and primal chops intact. It’s something that the boys have done since day one, but it’s more necessary now than ever.

“There’s been so much talk about how rock ‘n’ roll is dead and all of this bullshit,” sighs Todd. “The funny thing is, that’s been going on since we put out our first record in 1999. We wanted to call the new album Rock ‘n’ Roll, because this is what we’ve been doing our whole lives. We focused on making a record that encompasses all of what we are. You get every flavor of Buckcherry.”

2014 saw the group unleash their Fuck EP, the first release for their own F-Bomb Records. Bolstered by the hit single “Say Fuck It,” a sizzling take on Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” the six-song set quickly became a commercial and critical success. Immediately after it impacted, they cut the ten tracks that would comprise Rock ‘n’ Roll, once again produced by Keith Nelson.

“This is the best time to be in Buckcherry,” he continues. “We’ve got our own record label, and we’re making all the rules. We had so much fun on the Fuck EP, and it gave us a foundation as far as putting out an album independently. The momentum was so great that we didn’t stop.”

They rev up Rock ‘n’ Roll with the propulsive first single and opener “Bring It On Back.” From the jump, a robust guitar groove struts right alongside an unshakable refrain. It’s got the band’s signature hallmarks, but Todd pulled lyrical inspiration from a new source altogether. “When I’m not on the road, I race Go Karts for my hobby,” he says. “The song is really about racing. I had a driver named Kurt Busch in mind when I wrote the lyrics. They call him ‘The Outlaw,’ and he’s a badass. It captures that intensity of racing and the mentality. I love it.”

Then, there’s “Tight Pants,” which continues a tradition of seductively slithering rockers, while embracing a funk charisma, boisterous horns, and a swing that would make James Brown proud. “We worked on that the most,” recalls Nelson. “I really pushed to try the horns, and we ended up with this catchy arrangement. That’s ballsy for a rock band to do.”

“It’s quintessential Buckcherry,” exclaims Todd. “We love women. They’re a great subject, so that’s what it’s about.”

Elsewhere, the hyper hop of “The Madness” details “struggling with urges and loving things that are bad for you,” while the soaring ballad “The Feeling Never Dies” gave the frontman an opportunity to collaborate with someone he’d always wanted to—daughter.

“I wrote it to have a song in the house that I could sing with my little girl,” he smiles. “We would just sing it together at the piano. On a whim, I showed it to Keith, and he loved it.  We really rounded it out so it’s got this big epic feel.”

Buckcherry have added fuel to the genre’s fire for nearly two decades now. The Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum outfit is responsible for smashes including “Lit Up” off their gold-certified 1999 self-titled debut as well as “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry” from 2006’s platinum 15. Along the way, they’ve shared stages with everybody from AC/DC and Mötley Crüe to Slipknot and Rob Zombie as well as festival bills including Bamboozle with Bon Jovi and In-N-Iron, Sturgis, and more.

Ultimately, with Buckcherry at the wheel, Rock ‘n’ Roll is in good hands. “It’s always been about having a good time,” concludes Nelson. “You tune the noise out of your life for 40 minutes and enjoy yourself. That’s why we started doing this in the first place.”

Todd agrees, “Buckcherry fills a void. There aren’t any other records like this in the genre. I hope it can capture a certain time for people. That’s the goal.” — Rick Florino,
April 2015



 - Saturday

July 22nd @ 4pm









Saturday, July 22nd @ 5pm




"An Intense Musical Experience from New Scotland!

SQUID transforms Bagpipe and Drum Band music into a multi-sensory rush
of excitement, featuring high energy bagpipes, electronic influences,
and visually stunning percussion!"



Saturday, July 22nd @ 6pm

The Maritime Kitchen Party is named after a well know tradition in Nova Scotia.  Maritimers love to party and in every house, it always seems that the party winds up in the kitchen  There is always a guitar playing, or someone belting out traditional songs at the top of their lungs.  The MKP trio tries to bring back that feeling to their live performances.  Led by Nova Scotia's own Steve Smith, the group plays anything form Celtic fisherman songs to fun and upbeat pop music.  The song list is extensive and also includes some of Steve's own original compositions that are second to none.  This group is perfect for festivals, gatherings, weddings, concerts, you name it!  If you want some fun and some air in your step, MKP really delivers!






Saturday, July 22nd @ 7:15pm


Fearless front-woman Derina Harvey leads this Alberta-based five-piece Celtic-rock act, who offer an authentic east-coast experience with a fresh take on traditional tunes as well as their own original jigs and reels. Their rocky, rhythmic undertow is layered with guitars, fiddle, and topped by Derina’s powerful voice. These transplanted east-coasters have earned a reputation with their high-energy live show, leaving many an audience out-of-breath and hollering from their seats!  

2016 has seen the group gain further success and industry recognition by adding an album to their discography, and continuing to deliver engaging live performances. The band has been steadily building a following by playing live (over 150 shows in the last three years). Though based in Alberta, the band continues to add to their tour schedule to include all of Western Canada and was recently selected to participate in showcases in Saskatchewan (OSAC Showcase 2016) and Manitoba (Manitoba Arts Network Showcase 2016).

The band has even toured in Newfoundland each summer for the last three years, where they have been featured at George Street Festival (St. John's, NL) opening for the Newfoundland act Shanneyganock. In 2015, they shared the stage with other east-coast favourites including Jimmy Rankin, The Irish Descendants, Pogey, and even some rock acts such as The Trews, Kim Mitchell, and Trooper. The band has two full length recordings to their credit. Their self-titled debut album (2013) has garnered radio airplay across Canada, and their second album Rove and Go (2016) has become even more widespread, being added at over 30 stations across Canada and tracking at #65 on CKUA's top-played albums for 2016. The band was also nominated for an Edmonton Music Award in 2016 in the “Artist to Watch” category.





Saturday, July 22nd @ 8:30pm

TROOPER the band:

 It goes like this: millions of records, a couple dozen hits, a Juno Award (Canada's Grammy) for Band of the Year and ongoing sold-out shows across Canada.

Universal Music acknowledges them as "one of Canada's top five selling bands of all time" and the Vancouver Sun has called them "Canadian rock heroes of the first order ... the best performing band in Canada".

In 2009, Peter Assaff of The Northern Light hailed Trooper's Ra McGuire and Brian Smith as "the Canadian version of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards" and Joel Rubinoff of The Record wrote, " ... this frolicking, rollicking showcase for McGuire's soaring pop melodies and whimsical wordplay is arguably one of the biggest Canadian bands of all time."

Then, as now, what makes Trooper what they are is great performances and great pop songwriting. Trooper's ten studio albums have earned multiple gold and platinum awards and their 6 X Platinum greatest hits, Hot Shots, continues to be one of Universal Music Canada's best selling catalog CDs and one of the country's most enduring party soundtracks. In celebration of the band's 35th anniversary, a totally updated and re-mastered collection - "Hits From 10 Albums" - was released, featuring songs spanning the entirety of their recording career.

John Kereiff, writing in Gonzo Magazine, dubbed the collection "THE summer album of 2010." In 2012 Trooper songwriters Ra McGuire and Brian Smith were awarded SOCAN's prestigious 'National Achievement Award' to acknowledge their significant and lasting contribution to Canada's songwriting legacy. "We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)", "Raise a Little Hell", "The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar", "Two For the Show", "Pretty Lady" "Good Ol' General Hand Grenade", "Round, Round We Go", "Santa Maria", "Janine" - just a few of the Trooper hits that, according to writer Ryan Sparks, "have woven their way into the fabric of this country like no other bands have been able to do. Tune into any radio station from Vancouver to St John's and you're bound to encounter one of their dozen hit radio anthems that are still featured in heavy rotation to this day.

" Dan Brisbois of canadianbands.com writes, "They've won practically every Canadian music award possible and they've been dubbed 'Canada's Greatest Party Band' ... and rightfully so." Bob Mersereau, author of The Top 100 Canadian Albums wrote, "Trooper's Hot Shots has been one of the biggest-selling albums in Canadian music history. It has gone six times platinum, and sells consistently, as do tickets to Trooper gigs. There are clubs and festivals across the country where the annual Trooper show is practically an official holiday."

Indeed, Trooper continues to consistently sell out shows across the country - often performing for three generations of fans - demonstrating that the band and its music remain borderless, timeless, and ageless. It's no exaggeration to say that Trooper has become a Canadian legend. They continue to perform their huge collection of hits with the vitality and sense of humor that has served them well on their steady march through the hills and valleys of Canadian Rock and Roll.

Trooper is active with their fans through Social Media, feel free to contact them!

They are as follows: Website:      www.trooper.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/trooperband

Twitter:       twitter.com/trooper






Saturday, July 22nd @ 10:15pm


New album available worldwide August 5th

Produced by: Joe Chiccarelli (The Strokes, My Morning Jacket), Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83), Brian West (Sia, AWOLNATION), Gus van Go (The Stills, Wintersleep)

 “It’s a weird time to be a rock band right now,” observes Max Kerman, the singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter for the Arkells. “I just feel like rock has gotten so conservative and doesn’t know where to go. To be honest, I don’t really listen to a lot of rock music right now.”

That’s not a radical statement for your average twenty-something in this EDM-dominated era, but it’s a bit surprising coming from a guitar-slinging guy whose band seemingly personifies a certain old-school, ethic. Hailing from the gritty industrial outpost of Hamilton, Ontario, the Arkells have notched four Juno Awards and a gold record on their sweat-rusted belts, proving there’s still a place for passionate, no-bullshit rock ‘n’ soul in the mainstream. (In 2015, they were the most-played band on Canadian alt-rock radio.) But the group’s new album, Morning Report, betrays a more irreverent, adventurous ethos that more readily recalls the cut-and-paste approach of hip-hop beatmakers than the plug-and-play attack of a live rock band, with click-tracked rhythms, subliminal samples, electronic pulses, and sax and violins threaded into the richly textured mix. 

Certainly, this is the Arkells’ most eclectic album to date, from the piano-pounded, “California Love”-schooled swagger of “Private School” to the silver-lined break-up song “My Heart’s Always Yours,” the sort of ascendant, blood-pumping anthem you can easily imagine sparking an arena full of waving illuminated smartphones. But if the Arkells have mostly scrubbed away the surface soot of their Hamilton-spawned sound, lyrically, Kerman’s songwriting hits even closer to home. 

“A lot of the songs are about me and characters in my life: my friends, my parents, my girlfriend,” Kerman says. “And a lot of times, they’re songs about what happened the night before. So that’s why it’s called Morning Report: you text your friend the next day and it’s like, ‘Give me the morning report!’”  

But Morning Report balances tales of last night’s debauchery with more sobering examinations of a time in life that doesn’t get much play in rock music: your late-twenties. It’s the phase when all your friends start getting married, your parents suddenly decide to get divorced, and long-distance relationships hit their shit-or-get-off-the-pot breaking point. But while melancholic, meditative ballads like “Passenger Seat” and “Come Back Home” provide unflinching portraits of marriages on the brink of collapse, rousing, soul-powered sing-alongs like “A Little Rain” pay poignant tribute to the friendships that help you through the tough times, and provide that much-needed shoulder to cry on. 

“That’s another thing that’s so conservative about white-guy indie rock,” says Kerman. “What makes Drake so awesome is he just puts all his emotions right on the table for you to see. All of these songs and stories come from a genuine place for me.”  

The morning reports we get from our friends may arrive through smartphone screens, but the songs on Morning Report all chronicle face-to-face interactions—with all the intimacy, intensity and awkwardness they entail.

“This is our weirdest, funniest, saddest record yet,” Kerman concludes. “And therefore, our most honest one, too."